WAID Holiday Party Prep: Holiday Fabric Backdrop

Holiday Fabric Backdrop

Here at With An I Do, we’ve had a little fun with the holidays and created a holiday fabric backdrop inspired by a woodland-themed occasion.  This is a perfect focal piece to feature behind design elements like your appetizer display or your gift table.

To start, you’ll need:

  • Fabric selections (1.5 – 2 yards each)
  • Spool of Ribbon
  • Fabric Scissors
  • Straight Pins
  • Ruler

Select a few fabrics that fit your overall color scheme.  I selected a thin cotton plaid, a shimmering gold velvet, and a thick navy fleece.  Not only did these fit my color scheme, but they all had unique textures as well.

Holiday Fabrics for Event Backdrop

Now on to the creation of your strips.

Holiday Backdrop 1

Fold your fabric in half and pin all open sides together to prevent the fabric from shifting.  Lay the fabric flat on a wide, solid surface like a table or ironing board.

Holiday Backdrop 2

Along the bottom folded edge of your fabric, insert straight pins in 3 inch intervals.  Repeat this process along the top, pinned edge as well.
Holiday Backdrop 3

To create the strips, cut from bottom to top  using your straight pin markers as a guide.

Holiday Backdrop 4

Remove all straight pins from your fabric strips and you should have pieces that look like those in the image below.  Repeat the above steps for each fabric you’ve purchased.

Holiday Backdrop 5

To complete the next round of steps, you’ll need to decide where you plan to hang your backdrop and how wide your decor piece will need to be.  I’ve decided to display my backdrop along our kitchen bar which is about 8 feet long, so I cut my ribbon at a length of 9 feet.  I gave myself 6 inches at each end for installation purposes.

Holiday Backdrop 6

To add the finishing touch to my ribbon, I folded the edges in half and cut at an angle to create decorative ends.

Holiday Backdrop 7

The finished edge is depicted in the image below.

Holiday Backdrop 8

Now we’re ready to attach our completed fabric strips to the ribbon.  Lay your fabric strip on top of your ribbon and fold about a foot of your fabric strip to the back.

Holiday Backdrop 9Tie a simple knot using both the front and back piece of your fabric strip.  The knot should look like the image below.

photo 12

Attach the rest of your fabric pieces in the same manner.  Attach only one type of fabric at a time, ensuring you space your strips out so you leave room for your remaining fabric selections.

Holiday Backdrop 10

Once all fabric strips are attached to your ribbon, you should end up with a full, texturous backdrop that’s sure to be a crowd pleaser!

For more event decor DIY solutions, visit our DIY Station Pinterest board and check out our gallery of past With An I Do events.

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