Touch of a Rainbow

Photo from Flower Nation

Having a rainbow color scheme is so in right now and I’m loving it!  This trend allows you to use any and every color you want–there are no limitations.  The rainbow elements work best as accents that accompany a main, neutral color.  Here are some great inspiration pics I’ve come across.  Take a look!

Don’t forget your floors.  They can be just as fun as everything else!

Line your venue’s ceiling with multicolored and/or patterned streamers and ribbons.

A guestbook consisting of your guests’ colorful fingerprints.

Bring in vibrant pieces like these glass bottles.

Add a little whimsy to your decor!

Bring color in through your floral arrangements.

ROYGBIV bridesmaid dresses.

The men can participate as well!

Use rainbow colors as an accent.

Line your aisles and tables with bright, bold decor elements.

Sprinkle a little fun on your dessert.

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