Project Runway’s Unconventional Wedding Dress

For those of you who don’t know me very well, I am a huge fan of Project Runway.  I have watched every season since the show began and continue to watch it religiously to this day.  This past week, the designers had another unconventional materials challenge (I personally believe they are overdoing the unconventional challenge thing this season…) where they were challenged to create a mini collection in teams of three.  One team decided to create an all-white collection, and naturally one of the designers decided to create a wedding dress for a big wow moment.   Continue reading

Unconventional Wedding Day Shoes

Any bride can wear a white pump on their big day, but what if you want to step out and be different?  Brides have started going against bridal norms and have been selecting alternative shoe wear.  Recent, popular selections include cowboy boots, color sneakers like Vans and Chucks, bedazzled heels, and Toms. Continue reading