How to Find Unique and Affordable Wedding Venues

Venue Search Tips

No matter the budget, every couple wants to feel a bit of magic on their big day.  Having the right venue plays a large role in the creation of this fairytale moment.  The venue sets the tone for the entire wedding.  It embodies the theme, embraces the colors, amplifies the music, and creates a mood with the right lighting — all of which come together to create an experience, a memory.  A lot of popular, or well known, venues have extremely high rental fees (and this fee could be in addition to a large per guest cost, rentals, catering, etc.).  It’s easy to fall in love with one of these expensive venues — but then you have to face reality and accept that it may not be in your budget.  I had a similar situation in my own wedding planning search and refused to believe that I had to settle.  After digging a bit deeper, I came across some amazing resources to use in your wedding venue search. Continue reading