Hidden Gems UnVEILED #1: Ribbon

I find that there’s nothing better than an impactful decor element that’s created from an everyday product — especially when said everyday product is extremely affordable.  To start off this series, I will highlight one of my favorite hidden decor gems…ribbon.  Yes, ordinary ribbon that can be purchased in grocery stores and craft stores the like.  Ribbon is a trim that is associated with a multitude of mood descriptors.

Ribbon is romantic.

It’s whimsical.

It’s classic and preppy.

Ribbon also exudes femininity and provides that essential note of texture in a design.  It can create anything from dainty aisle banners to dramatic venue backdrops.


What kind of bride does this decor element cater to?  Ribbon is a perfect hidden gem for multiple clients — the romantic bride, the classic girl, the preppy chic, a whimsical lady, and the eclectic soon-to-be-Mrs.

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