DIY Vintage-Inspired Bridesmaid Proposals

WAID bridesmaid proposal
Getting engaged is an exciting time in a girl’s life, and what better way to celebrate than to invite all her best girls to be at her side?  Bridesmaid proposals can be anything from a question asked in-person to an elaborate, themed-luncheon.  For my bridesmaid proposal, I decided to keep it simple and create personal, vintage-inspired cards that could be kept as keepsakes.  Here’s how it was done:


Thick, “fancy” pen
Decorative Scrapbook Paper (non-textured)
Textured Scrapbook Paper
4×6 White Cardstock
Standard Envelopes

Bridesmaid Proposal Slides
The Creation:

  1. Select your favorite patterns from your non-textured scrapbook paper.  I selected 3-4 patterns because I wanted each of my proposals to have a unique look.
  2. Fold each sheet of paper in half (“hotdog style”).
  3. Cut along the fold to create 2 rectangular pieces.  Set these aside once this step is complete.Bridesmaid Proposal decorative paperBridesaid Proposal decorative paper 2
  4. Take one plain envelope and cut out the visible, inside backing.  This will be used as a pattern piece for the next step.Invitation EnvelopeEnvelope Pattern Piece
  5. Select your favorite textured scrapbook papers.  I chose 8 patterns since I have 8 bridesmaids–no 2 cards matched.
  6. Grab your interior envelope pattern piece and a pencil.  Turn your textured scrapbook paper over, so the back is facing you.  Place the envelope pattern piece fully on the scrapbook paper and trace along the outside with a pencil.Bridemaid Proposal PatternBridesmaid Proposal Pattern 1bridesmaid proposal 3Invitation Pattern
  7. Repeat step 6 for all textured scrapbook papers, or until you have one piece for each bridesmaid proposal.
  8. Take one of your newly cut, textured scrapbook pieces and place them over the visible interior of a blank envelope.Bridesmaid Proposal 4
  9. Create a crease along the top flap of the envelope.Bridesmaid Proposal 5
  10. Using a glue stick, attach the decorative, textured scrapbook paper to the exposed interior of the envelope.Bridesmaid Proposal 6Bridesmaid Proposal 7
  11. Repeat step 10 for each of your bridesmaid proposal envelopes.Decorative Invitation Envelopes
  12. Grab your non-textured, rectangular scrapbook pieces and pair it with a coordinating envelope (one that has been given an interior envelope pattern).Decorative Invitation Paper
  13. I like to make things as personal as possible, so I decided to write a special, bridal-related phrase on each rectangular piece using my “fancy” black marker.  I had one saying for the bridesmaids and another specifically for my maid of honors (yes, I have two!).  These can be pre-printed on your scrapbook paper using an everyday printer, they can be hand written using a dark felt tip marker, you could use calligraphy, or you could use stickers–the options are endless!Bridesmaid Proposal Wording
  14. Flip your envelope over to the back where the destination address will be written.  Center your rectangular scrapbook paper and attach using a glue stick.Personalized Bridesmaid Proposal
  15. Repeat step 14 for each bridesmaid proposal.Personalized Bridesmaid Proposals
  16. I found some really great templates and wording for bridesmaid proposals online.  I used these findings to create my own card via InDesign–I’m familiar with the program, but these could also have easily been created in Microsoft Word or PowerPoint.  This gives you free reign to select any colors/fonts you so desire.  There are also tons of cost effective printables you can download for free as well.
  17. After selecting the template and cementing the design for your card, print these on your 4×6 sheets of cardstock.
  18. Fold these 4×6 prints in half (“hamburger style”) and place them inside your decorated envelopes.
  19. Seal all envelopes.Bridesmaid Proposal 8
  20. Place all sealed, decorated envelopes in a standard-sized envelope.  Make sure your personalized message on the interior envelope will be the first thing your bridesmaid sees when the standard envelope is opened.
    Bridesmaid Proposals 9
  21. Seal all standard envelopes.
  22. Address and send!

Voila! There you have it–your own personalized bridesmaid proposals which can cost you next to nothing (especially if you have a stash of craft items lying around your home somewhere like me).  This project can be molded to fit any theme and is always a hit due to the personalized elements.  So get to it, and send us a pic of your projects via Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter using #waidDIY.  Can’t wait to see your beautiful creations!

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