Inspiration Board: Cornflower Blue

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The Undercover Floral Stunner

The floral elements of an event are often one of the most expensive components of the occasion.  We often see GORGEOUS photos of multicolored arrangements and plush bouquets that we set our hearts on–and then we go to the florist and see the price.  For example, bride and bridesmaid bouquets can be as pricey as $300 per bouquet, which is definitely quite a large chunk of change.  Sometimes these realizations can cause brides to panic, but I promise there is light at the end of the tunnel!  For those that are open to other options, there is a type of flower that can create absolutely, beautiful bouquets and decorations–and it has a much more budget-friendly price tag.  This undercover floral stunner is the well known flower referred to as baby’s breath.

A simple, chic baby’s breath addition to ceremony chairs. (Photo from

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Beyond A Photograph

“A photograph is always invisible, it is not it that we see.”–Roland Barthes

The above quote by Roland Barthes couldn’t be any closer to the truth. Pictures truly do say a thousand words. When we look at a photograph, we not only see the subjects in the picture, we are transported to a single moment in time–a memory. We’ll remember events that occurred on that day, what the weather was like, what hilarious instances arose, and what emotions we were feeling at that time. I believe that photographs can be one of the most important decor elements when creating a customized event. Continue reading

Anchors Away

I can never get enough of anything nautical.  From event themes to clothing, shoes to jewelry, and home decor to landscapes, I love it all!  I figured I’d kick off the month of January with an inspiration for those like me who love all things maritime.  What are your favorite nautical finds? Continue reading

A Parisian Affair

Earlier this month,  I attended a coworker’s bridal shower and had an absolutely, amazing time.  It was a bridal shower that had a Parisian theme–and who doesn’t love a French-inspired occasion!  Thankfully, the bride allowed me to take a few pictures of her decorations and food selections for this post.  To start off, let’s look at her table and counter arrangements.

The counter decorations featured printed paper elements in conjunction with subtle lighting from tea candles.

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Pretty In Pink

Pink is a color that girls and women alike have always adored.  It symbolizes everything that is sweet, feminine, romantic, and girly. So why not use it as a color for your next event?  From hot pinks to subtle, light, dusty tones, pinks can be great main and accent colors.  They can be paired with complimentary neutrals, or matched with an equally exciting and bold color like a lime green. Continue reading

Touch of a Rainbow

Photo from Flower Nation

Having a rainbow color scheme is so in right now and I’m loving it!  This trend allows you to use any and every color you want–there are no limitations.  The rainbow elements work best as accents that accompany a main, neutral color.   Continue reading