So You’re Engaged…Now What?

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Congratulations on your engagement!  This is definitely an exciting milestone in your life, and your mind is probably going a mile a minute.  But now that you and your fiance have sealed the deal, what’s next?  Here are my top 10 pieces of advice for the newly-engaged couple.

1. Enjoy the moment.  There’s no need to rush.  The both of you have just committed a lifetime to each other and that’s definitely a cause for celebration and remembrance.  Don’t ruin the moment by rushing into the wedding planning process — you’re only a fiance for about 12 months, so enjoy it!

2. Tell your family and close friends FIRST.  Don’t pull the trigger too quickly on social media channels.  Take your time and make individual calls to the important people in your life.

3. Don’t feel obligated to post a picture of your ring.  Many brides can’t wait to post a ring picture — but you can skip this if you so choose.  If you want to post a photo but would prefer to keep a close-up of your ring off your profile, a photo of you and your beau will work just as well.

4. Set a budget. Have the money talk early on in the process.  The budget will help guide all your major decisions — when to get married (peak vs. off-peak), guest count, venue, etc.

5. Decide on a date. This will be the single, most-asked question you will hear (…even the day after you get engaged).  You don’t need to rush, but once you have an approximate budget in mind you can start to research venues and see if particular dates are available — maybe you have a favorite number or time of year you’d prefer to get married.  If you’ll be paying for your own wedding, you can also determine how much time you’ll need to save up additional funds seeing as this can help drive your wedding date decision as well.

6. If you’re getting married within a year, get organized now.  Start putting together a wedding binder that can house your inspiration photos and vendor contracts.

7. Create an email folder specifically for your wedding.  Once you start interviewing vendors, attending bridal shows, and creating registries, the emails are going to come and come quickly.  Creating a designated wedding folder in your inbox will help keep everything in one, easy-to-find location.

8. Get inspired. Start pinning now! Create boards of any wedding images you come across that appeal to you.  After pinning for a couple days, you’ll start to see a similar look or theme across the board.  This can serve as the starting point for your wedding design.  You can also look to magazines for inspiration.

9. Start thinking about your people.  Who will be in your wedding party? Who’s your maid of honor? Starting to think about these things earlier will make your life much easier later on in the process.

10. Enjoy the moment.  Yes, yes, I know this is already on the list but I deem this point important enough to include it twice.  Don’t get carried away with the hooplah that can come along with getting engaged.  Remember that this moment is about two people — you and your fiance.  Take the time to enjoy being engaged, and live in the moment!  All of the other details can wait.  Don’t let all the questions pressure you into jumping into the planning process too early.


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